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The Light Burns On

+Taoiseach Thomas Faulkenbury
+Bishop Faulkenbury celebrates the 1996 Feast of St. Morgan of Wales by weaving a bardic tale reflecting the very ancient, but not lost, uniqueness and relevance of Celtic Christianity.

Celtic Christian Distinctives
+Taoiseach Thomas Faulkenbury
What attributes uniquely call out the Celtic Christian ecclesia? +Bishop Faulkenbury lists and describes the main Celtic Christian prerogatives in this succinct essay.

The Life and Teachings of Saint Morgan of Wales
+Taoiseach Thomas Faulkenbury
Saint Morgan was, primarily, a Christian ethicist and moralist who sought practical applications of the Christian virtues to daily life. His theological concepts are grounded in attempting to balance faith and works in that way which is reflected in the Epistle of St. James and epitomized and by the life of Christ. Learn more about this remarkable Celtic contemporary of Augustine of Hippo who dares to challenge the notion of "original sin".

Universalism in the Christian and Celtic Tradition

+Taoiseach Thomas Faulkenbury
Modern labels can divert, dilute, or even distort ancient understandings. A clear example would be "universalism" as hotly bantered about among today's Christians versus its relatively stable meaning extending back to some of the earliest recorded Old Testament writings. Bishop Faulkenbury defines the two major notions of "universalism" held in Christendom and traces forward to modern times the concept's perceptive evolution or, perhaps more accurately put, devolution.

And God Said It Was Good

+Taoiseach Thomas Faulkenbury
Introducing the Celtic ecological alternative to the Augustinian domination of nature.

Sayings of the Saints

Throughout the pre-reformation history of the Celtic Christian Church, her servants often demonstrated a profound understanding of many things. In this collection of quotations you'll encounter much holy, reverential, and occasionally practical wisdom.