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Holy Orders Sought: ________________ (DEACON or PRIEST)


The Reformed Celtic Church is a catholic, apostolic and orthodox church, living its faith in the spirit of the ancient Celtic church which flourished in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northumbria and other countries in the first eleven centuries of the Christian era.

That faith is expressed in the Nicene Creed, the Apostlesí Creed and in that of the first seven ecumenical councils of the undivided Christian church.

Our mission is to proclaim the universal "Good News" of salvation through Jesus Christís atonement for the sin of the world and administer His Sacraments from the understanding of the Celtic theologians St. Morgan of Wales and St. John Scotus Eriugena.

We seek to foster the understanding that within everyone is a directly accessible spiritual light that can lead people to equality, simplicity, justice, compassion and peace. We do this through parishes, chapels, prayer groups, and other ministries using Celtic Christian liturgies and spirituality.

While many who are drawn to the Reformed Celtic Church are of Celtic heritage, we are not an "ethnic" church. We are Celtic in spirituality. Our Sacraments and services are open to all; regardless of race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference. Likewise, we are catholic but not Roman; orthodox but not Eastern; evangelical but not Protestant; and charismatic but not Pentecostal.


1. You must be a baptized Christian.

2. ALL documentation for ordination or incardination must be completed, signed by the candidate, notarized, submitted and returned by postal mail to the Taoiseach (Presiding Bishop) of the RCC. There are NO exceptions to this. 3. A photocopy of your driverís license, state, province or country identification card must be included. 4. A current photograph of you must be included. 5. ANY false or misleading statements or declarations will, if Holy Orders have been conferred, result in the nullification of Holy Orders. If Holy Orders or licensing have not yet been conferred, the application in question will be declined.

6. Please note that all persons are initially licensed into the Order of Deacon, where they serve for a period of at least one year. This is a time of formation and study. In some cases the time constraint may be modified. In any case, the time period of service in the Diaconate will not be less than six months. All persons licensed into the Diaconate, whether it is for six months or one year, will study under the guidance of the RCC Taoiseach and RCC Pastoral Council. Successful completion of the RCC Pastoral Council Seminary will depend on several factors, including but not limited to maintaining the contact and reporting requirements, successfully completing and passing required examinations, and exhibiting proficiency in the required areas of study and worship. 3

7. Ordination or incardination will not be offered to any person(s) arrested and convicted of, or those arrested and who plead guilty to any crime against a child, any sexual offense or any crime that exhibits moral turpitude and those who are listed on a sexual offender database.

8. If you are currently a member of any ecclesiastical body or organization that has conferred Holy Orders upon you in ANY capacity, i.e., Deacon, Presbyter (Priest) or Episcopacy (Bishop) are you planning to resign from this ecclesiastical body or organization? 9. If you plan to resign from this body or organization or to seek release from this body or organization, then a letter of release must be obtained from your Bishop, Ordinary or Superior. The ordination/incardination process cannot begin until this letter is submitted with your application. 10. If you are or have been a member of any religious or monastic community in ANY capacity, i.e., lay Brother or Sister, Monk, Friar, Abbot or Superior of any Order, then a letter of release must be obtained from your Archabbot, Abbot General or Superior. The ordination/incardination process cannot begin until this letter is submitted with your application. 11. If you are currently a member of either of the above described bodies or organizations and you are not resigning from them, a letter of authorization or permission from your Bishop, Ordinary, or Superior giving their authorization or permission to apply for and accept ordination/incardination (if granted) must be submitted with your application. The ordination/incardination process cannot begin until this letter is submitted. If you have previously been ordained into Holy Orders and are no longer associated or affiliated with the communion or jurisdiction that had ordained you, please explain why and submit a letter of release.

List of documents required to be submitted with the RCC application for Holy Orders

A. Biography

B. Police Report

C. Essay (Vision of the Priesthood)

D. Education Documentation (Transcripts)

E. Certified results of the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test




*You may use additional paper to answer any question if needed*

1. Do you have a regular Spiritual Practice, such as meditation, praying the Rosary, walking meditation, veneration of the Icons, extra? _______ Please describe your practice




2. If you do not currently have a Spiritual Practice would you be willing to mentor with one of our priest/bishops in developing a Spiritual Practice? ________

3. Have you ever lived under a religious rule of life? ______ If not would you be willing to either follow an established rule of life or develop one? ______

4. Have you read the RCC position on Universal Salvation? _____ Do you agree, or disagree with this position? ______

5. Do you accept the theological view held by St Morgan or Wales that original sin did not taint human nature and each human being is capable through his/her own will to choose good or evil? ______

6. Thinking outside of the box what are your ideas for reaching 21st century human beings with the Good News? _____________________________________________________________________________



7. What is your position on interreligious dialogue and interreligious worship services?




8. What is your position on Holy Scriptures of other religious traditions and their inclusion in RCC services? ____________________________________________________________________________




9. When did you receive a calling from God to the ministry?


10. What has inspired you to come to the Reformed Celtic Church?



11. How often do you read the Bible or other Holy Scripture of other religious traditions?


12. How often do you pray and how important is prayer to your life as a priest?



13. Under what kind leadership structure does your church function?



14. If you are a priest/pastor how long have you been one and how many members do you have and are they supportive to you seeking Holy Orders with the RCC?



15. What is the history of your church?


16. Do you believe the virgin birth of Jesus Christ? _______

17. Do you believe that Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead? ______

18. Do you believe in the Second Advent of Jesus Christ? ______

19. Do you believe that Non-Christians will go to Heaven? ______

20. What do you believe about the Lordís Supper?



21. What do you know about the Seven Sacraments of the Church?


___________________________________________________________________________________________ 6


Personal and educational information

Email Address: ____________________

Mailing address: ______________________________________________________________________

Physical address if different from your mailing address: _______________________________________


Social Security Number: _____________________________

Date of Birth: ______________________________________

If married, enter your spouseís name: ___________________

If you have any children enter name(s) here: _________________________________________________


How does your spouse feel about your ordination with the RCC? _________________________________


Have you had any formal religious training from any college, seminary or bible school? ________________

If so please list: _________________________________________________________________________


Have you ever been ordained or admitted to Holy Orders? _______ If so, who was the ordaining authority?


Are you currently a member of the communion that has previously ordained you or admitted you to Holy Orders? ________ If you are not, can you please explain? ________________________________________________________________________________________



Are you currently engaged in a ministry, either full or part time? ________

What is your ministry called? ____________________ Describe your ministry? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is its focus and what are our goals within this ministry? _______________________________________



Do you have a web site? If so what is the URL? _________________________________________________ 7

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain. This is not an automatic impediment to ordination. Each case will be examined and a decision will be reached after prayer and deliberation._____



Considerations to applying for Holy Orders with The REFORMED CELTIC CHURCH

If you do plan to resign from this body or organization or to seek release from this body or organization, then a letter of release must be obtained from your Bishop or Ordinary. The ordination/incardination process cannot begin until this letter is submitted with your application

If you are or have been a member of any religious or monastic community in ANY capacity, i.e. lay brother or sister, Monk, Friar, Abbot or Superior of any Order, then a letter of release must be obtained from your Archabbot, Abbot General or Superior. The ordination/incardination process cannot begin until this letter is submitted with your application.

I do hereby apply for admission into candidacy status with The REFORMED CELTIC CHURCH. I understand that submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance into candidacy and/or incardination.

I understand that no church official is making any promises to me regarding future employment or income, the provision of health insurance or other benefits, or any other guarantees. This information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and I understand that providing false information for the purposes of ordination can result in civil action against me as well as termination of Holy Orders and/or affiliation.

I also understand that the REFORMED CELTIC CHURCH may take reasonable measures in conducting due diligence to verify the accuracy of all answers submitted in this application. I hereby authorize the REFORMED CELTIC CHURCH to do this and I agree to hold the REFORMED CELTIC CHURCH and its clergy blameless should my application be disapproved or declined.

The REFORMED CELTIC CHURCH DOES NOT assume any LEGAL responsibility for its ministers. Neither The REFORMED CELTIC CHURCH nor the individual minister is an agent for or of the other; however, each minister IS answerable to The REFORMED CELTIC CHURCH and does come under the Episcopal oversight of the Taoiseach(Presiding Bishop) and the Pastoral Council.

If an investigation finds serious violations of Christian ethics, morals and values have indeed been committed, certain sanctions can and may be applied, up to and including removal and or revocation of the clergy members faculties and ordination and a return to the state of laity. Any clergy found guilty of conduct unbecoming Christian Minister shall be defrocked and removed from his/her office.

Please provide letters of reference from a pastor and a layperson attesting to your character, calling and fitness for the ministry.

You are required to disclose any wrongdoings, past or present, concerning whether or not you have a criminal record or are currently in litigation. We are specifically inquiring about child abuse convictions. The REFORMED CELTIC CHURCH will not tolerate any wrongdoing regarding minors. 8

By my signature, I am indicating that I am in agreement with the Mission Statement of the REFORMED CELTIC church. I will submit to the Authority of the Taoiseach (Presiding Bishop) of the REFORMED CELTIC CHURCH. I, hereby affirm that I have read and assent to the REFORMED CELTIC CHURCHíS Code of Pastoral Conduct. All statements and answers contained in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Your signature____________________________________________________

Current Date___________________________________

Send the Application for Holy Orders in the RCC and all required supporting documents to:

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The Reformed Celtic Church

Bishop Sid Blalack

7001 Mansfield Drive

Corpus Christi Texas 78414

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